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INNOVENG - Disinfectant dishwashing liquid TF KLÓR-M 5 L

Disinfectant dishwashing liquid TF KLÓR-M 5 L - Kép 1.

Liquid, antiseptic (Bactericidal (MRSA), fungicidal) hand dishwashing detergent containing active chlorine increased degreasing effect due to its special combination of surfactants. The purified glass and porcelain surfaces make it bright and shiny.
The National Meat Research Institute is very effective against Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, coliform, enterococcus, sulphite against klosztridium. 

5 L can   (the image shown in the 20 liter can)

Disinfectant dishwashing liquid TF KLÓR-M 5 L

Item number: ICME5

Price: 16,8 Product sales price: 21,33 €

Net discounted price:
5 piece-tól 15,96 €
10 piece-tól 15,12 €


Manufacturer: INNOVENG

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