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DREUMEX - Automatic Omnicare dispenser

Automatic Omnicare dispenser - Kép 1.

- automatic dispenser (for soaps and creams)
- ABS plastic (add to bag laminated tin cartridges)
- non-contact sensor ensures precise amount of soap every time
- up to 6x more concentrated foam Soap
- one dispenser for all products
- new valves and nozzles each cartridge
- no waste: the cartridge is empty 100%
- the minimum adequate precautions
- the cartridge is fully recyclable
- the light sensor to minimize the energy consumption
- the lowest costs / one hand washing
- up to 2,000 hand-washing / single cartridge
- all the goods have their own volume is set between 0.2ml and 1.5 ml
- 1 year standard warranty (after website registration eternal guarantee)  

(CATALOG section of the product specification is available to / download)

Automatic Omnicare dispenser

Item number: DOA

Price: 37,76 Product sales price: 47,95 €


Manufacturer: DREUMEX

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