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PLUM - 500 ML PH Neutral DUO First Aid Eye Washout

500 ML PH Neutral DUO First Aid Eye Washout - Kép 1.

Acid- and alkali neutralizing first aid eye washout, to rinse two eyes simultaneously. The supplied bottle is a 4.9% phosphate buffer, which quickly and efficiently neutralizes even strong acids and alkalis. The liquid contains phosphates that are otherwise present in the human body. The hydrogen phosphate component of the buffer neutralizes the acids, while the other part of the buffer, dihydrogen phosphate neutralizes the alkalis. Easily stored in the first aid box, tool box, but can be worn even in the specially designed belt bag. It can also be fitted with a wall bracket.It is equipped with an ergonomic cap, dust cover and clear instructions for use. CE certification and other test materials are available.

Warranty: 3 year.

Rinse time: 2 min.

Delivery time: 2 - 5 workday

500 ML PH Neutral DUO First Aid Eye Washout

Item number: 4801

Price: 21,42 Product sales price: 27,2 €


Manufacturer: PLUM

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